Andrade-Backed Measure Secures Prosthetics Coverage for Cancer Survivors

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  • Andrade-Backed Measure Secures Prosthetics Coverage for Cancer Survivors

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Jaime Andrade, D-Chicago, is advancing legislation to require that insurance companies cover the cost of wigs and scalp prosthesis for those battling or recovering from cancer and other serious medical conditions resulting in hair loss.

“Hair loss due to a serious, life-threatening illness can be both personally impactful and universally noticed, leading to grave mental health issues on top of what patients already contend with,” Andrade said. “This is a simple, dignity-affirming measure to provide support beyond medications and treatment to cancer survivors and those with life-long illnesses. We have to do more across the board to end the plight of cancer, and this is a great step towards that goal.”

The Andrade-backed Senate Bill 2573 would require insurance companies to cover the cost of one wig or scalp prosthesis every 12 months for cancer survivors, those with alopecia or other conditions that would cause hair loss. The initiative is supported by the Illinois State Medical Society and passed unanimously out of the Senate on Friday, April 12.

Andrade fought for multiple, key healthcare reforms, including House Bill 5395, which curtails overreach by insurance companies when they needlessly deny medically necessary treatments, raise premiums without cause and under-insure consumers when they buy short term health plans.