Andrade Backs Reforms to Make Health Care More Affordable, Expand Access to Care

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Illinois families will have access to better and more affordable health care coverage under a new measure backed by State Rep. Jaime Andrade D-Chicago, aiming to reduce costs and hold big insurance companies accountable.

“I’m backing this bill, because making healthcare more affordable and accessible through their insurance policies cuts costs for working families and improves health outcomes,” Andrade said. “All Illinoisans deserve health plans that won’t reject important treatments, procedures, medications and more. Insurance companies pad their profit margins rejecting more expensive coverage even if it’s medically necessary. Here in Springfield, we’re taking action to protect our communities and hold these insurance companies liable.”

Andrade backed House Bill 5395 which delivers a series of major reforms to make health care coverage better and more affordable. The new Health Care Protection Act Would create a rate review process requiring insurance companies to justify premium increases, and empowering state watchdogs to reject unwarranted hikes that simply pad profits. Additionally, the measure curbs practices insurance companies use to deny access to medically necessary treatments, procedures, and prescription medications; instead, doctors and patients would be empowered to make important medical decisions—not insurance companies. The bill also stops insurance companies from selling inadequate short-term healthcare plans that provide little or no coverage.

“In last year’s budget, I fought for nearly $235 million for healthcare and family services, funding that cuts out-of-pocket costs for families,” Andrade said. “This legislation is a step forward in the right direction as it will ensure insurance companies carry the expensive costs of healthcare and allow Illinoisans to save money for their families and other necessary costs.”