Key Legislation

HB0053: Public Act

Amends the Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act. Provides that employers that rely solely upon artificial intelligence to determine whether an applicant will qualify for an in-person interview must gather and report certain demographic information to the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. Requires the Department to analyze the data and report to the Governor and General Assembly whether the data discloses a racial bias in the use of artificial intelligence.

HB0051: Public Act

Amends the Smoke Detector Act. Removes language providing that specified smoke detector requirements shall not apply to dwelling units and hotels within municipalities with a population over 1,000,000 inhabitants.

HB0368: Public Act

Amends the Illinois State Auditing Act. Provides that federal tax information disclosed under the Act shall only be provided in accordance with federal law and regulation applicable to the safeguarding of federal tax information. Provides that the specified requirements concerning confidentiality of information apply to contractors of the Office of the Auditor General. Removes prior provisions concerning the release of confidential income tax records. Amends the Illinois Income Tax Act. Provides that the furnishing upon request of the Auditor General, or his or her authorized agents, for official use of tax returns filed and information related thereto under the Act is deemed to be an official purpose within the Department of Revenue for the purposes of confidentiality and information sharing. Effective immediately.

HB3798: Sent to Governor

Amends the Health Care Worker Background Check Act. Provides that “health care employer” includes the Department of Corrections or a third-party vendor employing certified nursing assistants working with the Department of Corrections. Effective immediately.

SB0555: Sent to Governor

Amends the Substance Use Disorder Act. Permits the Department of Human Services to conduct compliance checks of tobacco and vape retailers to investigate whether such retailers are selling tobacco products, electronic nicotine products, alternative nicotine products, or e-cigarettes to persons under 21 years of age in violation of the Prevention of Tobacco Use by Persons under 21 Years of Age and Sale and Distribution of Tobacco Products Act. Provides that the Department may expand the use of existing tobacco compliance check programs to include vape shops. Provides that compliance checks may be conducted by underage individuals under the supervision of local law enforcement. Provides that underage individuals who purchase tobacco products, electronic nicotine devices, alternative nicotine products, or e-cigarettes while conducting supervised compliance checks shall not be in violation of the Prevention of Tobacco Use by Persons under 21 Years of Age and Sale and Distribution of Tobacco Products Act.