Andrade Bill Fighting Racial Bias in Predictive Data Analytics Passes House

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  • Andrade Bill Fighting Racial Bias in Predictive Data Analytics Passes House

Springfield- Assistant House Majority Leader Jaime Andrade carried his Limiting Predictive Data Analytics bill through the Illinois House today with overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle. The bill passed 104-0 and now awaits deliberations in the Senate.

The bill, HB1811, amends the Equal Pay Act and the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act to fight racial bias that can seep into predictive data analytical tools which can influence hiring and creditworthiness decisions. Predictive analytics use personal data, like information about restaurants and neighborhoods frequented, websites visited, music preferences, and other unique identifiers to predict future patterns and behaviors. Although racial discrimination is not currently permitted in either creditworthiness or hiring determinations, there are many variables like these correlated to zip code or race that may be discovered through the use of predictive data analytics that can be used to render racially biased outcomes. HB 1811 intends to address these factors from being used in a discriminatory fashion.

“I am proud to have carried HB1811 in the House and look forward to its passage in the Senate. As the founder and former Chair of the Cybersecurity, Data Analytics & IT Committee in the Illinois House, I know how important it is that our legislation keeps pace with emerging technology,” Andrade said. “I worked closely with all stakeholders to draft this bill, one that I am confident sets important boundaries where necessary while giving Illinois’ burgeoning tech industry room to grow. Along with my previously passed bill regulating the use of Artificial Intelligence in video interviews, this bill limiting the use of predictive data analytics helps put Illinois ahead of the technology curve.”