State Rep. Jaime Andrade Statement on Governor Pritzker’s Budget Proposal

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Chicago- Assistant House Majority Leader and Illinois’ 40th District State Representative statement following Governor Pritzker’s budget address:
                “As Governor JB Pritzker made clear this afternoon in his State of the State, Illinois is in the best financial position it has witnessed in decades.
                 Responsible decision making and the hard work of the Governor and his team, Illinois State Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza and her team, and my colleagues and staff in the Illinois House Democratic Caucus & Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus have made fiscal responsibility a reality in Illinois, not only balancing the budget this year but producing a $1.7 billion dollar surplus that will be used to pay down pension debt, bolster our state’s “Rainy Day” fund, and bring tax relief to millions of Illinoisans who are hurting from the combined effects of COVID-19 pandemic and higher cost of living, particularly in our Latino community. This budget eliminates the 1% grocery tax, freezes the gas tax, and most importantly, will give many of my 40th District neighbors much needed property tax relief.
               I am proud that the Governor’s budget proposal takes the violent times we are living through seriously, and uses a two-pronged approach to reduce criminal activity by supporting our first-responders while tackling the root causes of violent crime.
            Over $800 million in this budget will be used to support our law enforcement, sponsor community-based violence prevention, and spur youth employment. I applaud these investments that are so needed and I will fight for every penny that the 40th District deserves. We need these dollars doing work in our community, and I will work tirelessly to bring these funds to our neighborhoods.
         This budget is forward thinking while making up for past missteps. I will do everything in my power to ensure our district, Illinois’ 40th, receives the funding from this budget that it deserves.”