Elected School Board Updates

A procedural hold had been placed on the CPS Elected School Board Bill to protect the bill and as a courtesy to stakeholders who had raised concerns during its final hearing. On June 30th, the hold was lifted by 4th District State Representative Delia Ramirez and the bill’s other sponsors, including 40th District State Representative Jaime Andrade, clearing its path to Governor Pritzker to be signed.

Rep. Ramirez stated in her newsletter that she, “wanted to make sure we began conversations on possible trailer legislation before releasing the bill to the Governor’s office. Those conversations have begun and will continue over the coming months.

More importantly, Gov. Pritzker has indicated that he will sign the bill into law and Chicago will finally be on the road to a fully elected school board. I have been honored to sponsor this legislation and finally deliver something that an overwhelming majority of Chicagoans support. We will finally have what every other school district in our state has, a democratic say in how our schools are run.”