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Your Alderperson is assigned to a specific area within the city and it is their job to represent the people within their wards. They are responsible for representing your interests at City Council meetings and help you with matters considering the city.

For more information on what an alderperson does, please check out the following:

To find what ward you live in, please put your street address into the website below:


The following are the wards within the 40th District and their information according to the draft of the new legislative map and are subject to change.

30th Ward

31st Ward

  • Alderman: Felix Cardona, Jr.
  • Office Address: 4606 W. Diversey Ave
  • Phone Number: 773-824-2000
  • Website:

33rd Ward

  • Alderwoman: Rossana Rodriguez
  • Office Address: 3001 W. Irving Park Rd
  • Phone Number: 773-840-7880
  • Website:

35th Ward

Alderman: Carlos Ramirez-Rosa

Office Address: 2934 N. Milwaukee Ave

Phone Number: 773-887-3772


39th Ward

Alderwoman: Samantha Nugent

Office Address: 4200 W. Lawrence Ave

Phone Number: 773-736-5594


40th Ward

Alderman: Andre Vasquez

Office Address: 5620 N. Western Ave

Phone Number: 773-654-1867


45th Ward

Alderman: James M. Gardiner

Office Address: 5425 W. Lawrence Ave

Phone Number: 773-853-0799


47th Ward

Alderman: Matt Martin

Office Address: 4243 N. Lincoln Ave

Phone Number: 773-868-4747